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I don’t like to talk about finances. It’s always been something that I have felt is incredibly personal to an individual. Thus when God laid this post on my heart, it was uncomfortable, to say the least. However, in light of God’s goodness, I don’t mind being a little uncomfortable as I talk about money. As a single mom funds get tight sometimes but my bills get paid and we always have more than we need. There have been many weeks my paycheck seems to stretch beyond what I thought it would. Other times God places amazing gifts directly into my lap. I am an incredibly anxious person, but I don’t worry about money. I am prudent, but I don’t stress in this area because God has shown Himself faithful time and time again.

So when I heard my hours would be reduced at work, I made a stand against anxiety. I have remained calm and let God guide me. I have changed some habits, but I have not stopped tithing. I will not stop tithing. It’s not about the church I attend, although Cornerstone is an awesome church. It has nothing to do with how much the staff does, even though they do a ton of work. I could write endless posts on how amazing each one is, but let’s not digress. Giving is a declaration of my thankfulness and it sets my focus firmly in place. Do I have a big house, drive a brand new luxury car, and have the latest and greatest stuff? Nope, and I am okay with that. All my needs are met. Most of my wants are cared for as well and in ways above and beyond I could imagine. I acknowledge and worship God through my tithing. Furthermore, it’s a reminder to myself that everything I have was given to me by a gracious and loving Father.

After Abram was victorious in battle, was able to rescue Lot, and got back all that was taken by his enemies, Genesis 14:19-20 states, “And he [Melchizedek, priest and king of Salem]  blessed Abram, saying,’Blessed be Abram by God Most High, Creator of heaven and earth. And praise be to God Most High, who delivered your enemies into your hand.’ Then Abram gave him a tenth of everything.” This was a response of thanksgiving, gratefulness, and remembrance. It wasn’t a duty or a demand.

As someone who has panic attacks, struggles with depression, and asks “why God” way too much, I am not a superstar Christian. I am not writing about tithing to toot my own horn. Y’all,  I am a mess most of the time! But I know the blessing and benefits of tithing. Many of us have been affected financially by this pandemic. As you look at your budget, I want to encourage you to continue giving; or start if you haven’t previously. I am not saying this for my benefit. I am in no way affected by your decision in this. Nevertheless, I know God has been faithful in my life and He will be in yours as well. In this weird, Twilight-Zone-type environment we are living in, let’s stretch out our faith to God and put tithing into practice.

“And they faithfully brought in the contributions, the tithes, and the dedicated things…” 2 Chronicles 31:12

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