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Morning Worship

Through You I see the Father
My King reigning on His Throne
Jesus Christ, my Savior
The image of the invisible God
Firstborn of creation
Your hand molded heaven and earth
Your artistry poured forth
Through You all things came to be
Nothing stretches so high to reign above You
Nothing too low to escape Your grasp
You bind all things together
Positioned by God, to rule forever
You are love and You are peace
With sovereign power You are in control
You are mercy and just
Far above what I can fathom
Oh, Redeemer! Mediator! Saving King
What my sin severed
Your blood restored
I was dead, You resurrected me
I am righteous through atonement
Kept blameless through Your grace
I lay my life down, I give my all
To testify of Your love and holiness

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