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    I praise Your Name and thank You for the mercy and grace You rain over me. Throughout every moment I can come to You with humility and find myself wrapped safely in Your presence. The love You have for me is overwhelming; it is a gift beyond words. It is certainly more than I deserve, yet it was bought for me through the blood of Christ Jesus. I am humbled and thankful to be called Yours. This blessing is more than enough to satisfy my soul, but sometimes my heart wanders, I become envious, and I begin to desire things that are outside Your Will and plan for me. Other times, I become impatient and chase things that weren’t meant for me in this season. I lose the peace and joy You so readily offer and become discontent in all that You have already done for me. Lord, please calm my wandering heart and help me turn my gaze from misplaced desires back toward You. Please help me grab hold of You above all else and help my focus to shift back toward You. You are all I need and want to want You above all else. By Your Spirit, please transform me to look more like Christ so the cry of my heart is for Your will and purposes be accomplished in and through me. Thank you for Your faithfulness to me. I love you, Lord.