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1 Thessalonians 5:23

    I know of God’s overwhelming goodness, yet my heart and mind get weighed down. I feel heavy and scared, somehow holding the knowledge of God’s faithfulness and love in one hand and my sin patterns and desires in another. Both demand my heart. Neither are able to coexist. When that happens my hands needed to come together. ??


    As we bring my brokenness to God, He does what we can’t. He works in our hearts on our behalf when we surrender. He is the light that dispels the darkness. He is our strength and peace. In Him, there is no room for anything else and that battle between our will versus His becomes quieter.


    When God calls us to lay down our lives, He isn’t asking us to do it. He is simply asking us to submit to the change. God asks us to recognize ourselves as sinful and our ways as broken. In that, we are called to humble ourselves and allow Him to bring transformation.


    For you, maybe it’s a daily choice to surrender. Maybe you have ingrained patterns as I do, and it feels like every few minutes you catch yourself straying. It’s okay – just make that choice. I had to find friends to hold me accountable. It’s like having guardrails to alert me that I am headed off the road but how I choose to respond is up to me. It’s really not about how we come to that place, just that we do.